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Air Stones

Indoor gardening involves a lot of hassle and effort to keep the plants growing. Similar to human needs, plants also require nutrients for their growth. We all know for a fact that oxygen is the most critical component for any individual’s growth, be it a human or a plant. Outdoor plants get their oxygen from the soil, where tiny insects churn the dirt. But when it comes to indoor plants, especially the hydroponic plants submerged in the water, oxygen availability might get disrupted. That is where Air Stones comes to the rescue. Air Stones are porous stones that do not produce oxygen at all. But they are excellent for dispersing oxygen in the water. 

Plants that are put in the water might drown without oxygen. Just as might happen in the case of human beings. To ensure that plant in water gets a fair amount of oxygen, air stones are placed that catch oxygen from the air help in dispersing the oxygen in bubbles. 

Hydroponic plants get the oxygen that assists them in taking up the nutrients from the nutrient solution through their roots. 

Air Stones come in all sizes and shapes, but the most common form is rectangular or cylindrical. The size of these stones varies from stone to stone. However, one can get a fair idea depending upon the size of the hydroponic pot.

To choose the best air stones for indoor plants, one must pay attention to the review articles.

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